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Realtime database
Runs anywhere

See the Pen Hello Fireproof by Chris Anderson (@jchrisa) on CodePen.

Quickly add live data to any app or page.

Try free Open source

Works with your existing stack

Write features first

Write your app first, choose your backend later. Getting started is as easy as adding a script tag or running npm install use-fireproof in your project. Experience live updates across peers so everyone can collaborate together, using your existing backend.

Try the React or Solid tutorials, open the code pen above , hack on this HTMX example, or check out these open-source starters:

Deploy anywhere

Fireproof is simple to sync via any backend. Open-source connectors make it easy to add Fireproof to any environment, including Cloudflare, AWS, Netlify, and more.

Coming soon — live data anywhere via Fireproof Cloud. Preview the dashboard:

Dashboard Image

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